It happens every New Year!!!

 It happens every year.

As a year winds down and is in the last week, one gets a feeling of being put under Anesthesia. Under that state of sedation, one forgets whatever happened in the entire year and on coming out of drowsiness, you look forward with hope to the New Year.  Actually it’s sort of a mass “Moving on” exercise. This happens every year.

On the Eve of the New Year, one parties hard like there is no tomorrow. But a new tomorrow actually beckons. Whether the revelry is to see off the present year or to usher in the next year or may be for both is not so clear. Nevertheless, partying happens. This happens every year.

Almost all good minded people wish others well in the New Year and these days not just thro’ one medium but thro all possible and available media. Imagine the kind of positive karmic effect these simultaneous good wishes spread all around. This happens every year.

Many new ( or perhaps not so new ) resolutions come into force on the 1st day of the New Year even while the last few years’ resolutions bit their dust just in a few days. This happens every year.

On the 1st day of the year, the more religious lot make a mandatory visit to their places of faith to pray for well-being and what have you in the New Year. This also happens every year.

As a result of the all of this what if, in the New Year

  • There is no cyclone, Earth quake, Tsunami, flood …
  • There is no train/Air/Bus tragedy man-made or otherwise
  • There is no rape and other atrocities on women
  • There is no corruption scam
  • No building just falls apart
  • People don’t die of starvation
  • No communal riots take place
  • There is no terrorist attack in any part of the world

Well, in that New Year we will all be in Utopia isn’t it???

Yes, that’s my wish for this New Year. “The world to become an ideal “Utopia” and we all its happy citizens.

Is it possible?

Well, what’s wrong in wishing?

It happens every year. And may be the new year is different 🙂 🙂


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  1. Nirmalya Biswas

    Nice one Anand. And I think deep within these are the same wishes that must be crossing everyone’s mind.
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  2. Very nice Anand. As the adage goes ” On the top of the cliff, either God saves you from the fall or teaches you how to fly”. The wishes could be a miracle in an utopian world OR the Master to teach us the ways to master the challenges. Don’t we wish this -every year? !

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