An “I” Day ode!!!

I, mine, my family, my business, my job, my life are my priority

I want my leaders to think always about the country

I don’t want to become a leader

I get frustrated with the conduct of my leader

I don’t go out to vote on the Election Day

I feel upset on National matters when I don’t have a say

I cast my vote when I do based on caste

I am manic when my country is ranked last

I arrive at my own time

I expect my netas to be on time

I spit anywhere in the streets of Mumbai

I want my city to be another Shanghai

I don’t want to form a line when I’m in the front

I expect others to form a line when I’m behind

I jump the signal when I don’t sight a cop in my land

I follow every signal when I’m in foreign land

I bribe the cop when I get caught

I get vociferous when on corruption charges my leaders are caught

I don’t feel like following any discipline

I get angry when netas in the parliament show indiscipline

I demand world class infrastructure from my government

I burn public buses to show my ire at the government

I seldom respect women at home

I am very upset with my country’s “Woman is item” syndrome

I try my best to “save” my tax

I get irritated when crorepati businessmen “evade” tax

I yearn for my leaders to rise above petty politics

I forget that my leaders are like me

I reflect on all this on “I” Day

I forget all this the next day

I get what I deserve

I deserve what I get


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  1. Truth very beautifully portrayed. Hypocrisy must be shown the door and for that we must begin only with ourselves. If every Indian reads this, reflects on it, and takes even a little action individually without expecting others to change first – India has a chance to rise to her erstwhile glory. Thanks for sharing this poem.

  2. Very well written. Describes very nnicely what actually haapens. Do read

  3. Seshadri Srinivasan

    Anand, a true reflection on why we are what we are today. After all, we make our leaders, and they are no better, if not worse. We do not know what we will be doing, if we get an opportunity to sit in the Parliament. A very good post, congrats.

  4. Very nicely expressed, This is what happens in India, we crib , complain and desire changes , on the other hand , we are reluctant to change. We should be the change 🙂

  5. I do agree but partially, sorry . I do the same only when the situation appears worst because every one has right to live, if any one can assure me that my sacrifice will curb out ateast one of the ‘negative’ from our society and nation then I am ready to sacrifice my life and I hope if we stand unitedly no will be able to stop us to become the best. Today it is our moral responsibility towards nation to sketch out a path to stand united and to knock down all the ‘wrongs’ and ‘negatives’ from our society and nation.
    Jai Hind

  6. Reality can’t be simply expressed better than this. This is the problem, Hum chahte hai ki humare Neta sab theek kre hum kuch na kre. I adore this post. Awesome writing and great thinking. Hope all people start thinking like this. Thanks for sharing this sir. I learnt a lot from it and also find some points where I can improve my self as a country person.

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